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Universalist Faith



Spiritual Fellowship Assembly

An Assembly of Faith (AOF) of the Advancing Noah Movement (ANM)!forum/alt.spirituality.radical-faerie



Living Spiritually

New Teaching for the Spiritual Fellowship Assembly


Live in the Spirit. Live in the spirit by calling on God to anoint and sanctify you with the healing power and guiding power of his holy spirit. Jesus of Nazareth, a Jewish man, and his followers, taught ideas relating to the spirit of God and spiritual living. Perhaps a weakness, though, in his ministry results, was a proper lack of appropriate concern for Torah Law and personal effort within the power and grace of the spirit of God. God does his part, but so must you. You must also seek to be universalist for mankind, loving the children of men, not just by the power of the Spirit of God, but also by the power of your own efforts, concentrations and determinations to be a holy and spiritual person, contributing virtue and kindness to the children of men.


Our agenda is to promote spiritual living principles to those who will listen for the purposes of eternity and eternal life. To bring values of spiritual living, such as kindness, respect for God and living things, loving people and God and concern and appreciation for the efforts of others. It is also concentrated on basic spiritual principles such as not harming other people in lawless and careless mannerisms, not harming the environment which God created for our own beneficience and nourishment, and, important not harming ourselves through negligent living either.




Some spiritual suggestion of living practice for the spiritual fellowship assembly I personally suggest are:




Living Practices of SFA


Love God


Love your parents and family and children


Be kind to people


Care for the environment


Seek work to help society and play a fair part in contributing your own efforts for the nourishment both spiritually and physically for the health of society


Love your own self by keeping your body clean, the skin, the teeth and other areas, especially the genitalia, which is often kept clean through abstaining from unclean sexual practices which can attract sexually transmitted diseases. If you have a condom available to you as a man, use one, unless trying for childbirth with your wife.


Meditate on nature and the rainbow when you see it and sit in nature and observe the plants, the animals, the scenery and especially skies – the wonders of God. Find rivers and streams to sit by, and let the running waters refresh your soul.


Sing a song of melody, living life in harmony, thanking God gratefully, for all he has done for you.


Read the Rainbow Torah of Genesis 1 – 11:9 for understanding basic legal principles established by God which still are relevant, and likely always will be, for the betterment of universal mankind and Godly and spiritual living.


Walk with God, be sensitive to his spiritual leading and be a good person, ultimately.


Essentially we are part of Rainbow Covenant Videography, a traditional Noahide Videos Bible movement.  We are part of RCV but RCV is not limited to us in membership.  They can be independent in their own right and there can be other RCV movements apart from Spiritual Fellowship Assembly.  RCV was formed in New Spiritual Passion to develop fresh thinking in the Rainbow Covenant Faith.  Spiritual Fellowship Assembly is essentially a similar sort of idea.  Developing and Advancing and pushing into new territory.





Without a monetary system based on 'Work Effort' to determine allocation of resources, a 'Shared' system faces the facts that people DON'T SHARE and INSIST ON PRIVATE OWNERSHIP. The communal system of ownership you express is admirable, but unrealistic and will NEVER happen because it does not address core factors of human nature which the current 'Work for your money' system does. OPPORTUNITIES have always been presented to those of lower social standings over their life time. They are, especially in the western world, given very good access to education, which is the PRIMARY OPPORTUNITY OF THEIR LIFE TO DEVELOP THEMSELVES AND SEEK FORTUNE IN LIFE. The lower social classes often remain as such primarily because poor parental attitudes are often carried from one generation to the next. The child which has had enough WILL SUCCEED. The system is NOT flawed. God doesn't want a utopia on earth. God likes the struggle so that he can see a person's passion and pride to make something of their life. The system works fine.” (From facebook discussion with S Richard Lamoreux)


Yes. I generally agree with what you are saying. I noted your point that human nature is not locked into one way of acting or behaving. In human development theory, one of the key ideas is Nature Versus Nurture - a human is influenced by his nature, yet the way he or she is nurtured affects the total outcome as well. Because of this, and in a natural argument perhaps, some people are more attuned to, say, a US democratic party agenda, and some are more attuned to a US republican party agenda. But then we have strong 'GREEN BASED' environmentalist politicians, and the communistic ideals as well. Each major political initiative has usually as its core idea Prosperity. Prosperity, often for the individual and often for the larger society. Conservatism - the Right Wing - is usually the individually based focus, focusing on entrepreneurialship. Socialistic idealism - the Left Wing - thinks more about society as a whole and especially the disaffected within society. As you said, people are different, and there are a variety of human natures - 7 Billion - at work on planet earth to influence and control the overall agenda. A nation perhaps also has a psychology, and some nations are more prosperous and some less so. YET, God devised the natural order to BLESS mankind but also to CHALLENGE mankind. The challenge for the disaffected is to RISE TO THE CHALLENGE. Sure, we really do need a helping hand, and stronger nations need to help weaker ones - a primary work of the United Nations. Yet life is often sink or swim. That is the truth of the natural order of things. Natural selection in a sense. Your heart is very compassionate which is excellent, but when it comes to the last bottle of water on the lifeboat adrift at sea, I suggest you drink it, S Richard, and let Joe Blow go 'Oh Well'. Ha.”


Life is what YOU make it. Not what Big Brother says in taking care of you.”


"Hurting, harming, causing pain and despair and suffering - intentionally - to another human being is WRONG. It is a SIN. Our freedoms and liberties are limited eternally by the freedoms and liberties of others to live free from harm and oppression. We DO NOT LIVE IN A STATE OF INDIVIDUALITY but IN A STATE OF COMMUNITY. For this reason, Conservatism/Right wing theology, is FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED ON ITS CONCEPTION OF THE WORLD. We exist NEEDING others, and for others to NEED US. Liberty is thus morally limited and affected by the rights and privileges of others. THERE ARE OTHERS IN THE WORLD BESIDES THINE OWN ARSE, KEMOSABE."


"Conversely, Marxism will NEVER work. People are attuned to individuality. It is flawed to pursue this theology of life in isolation from commmunity, but people justify the idea based on 'Providing for their family' (when it is really them who mostly want lifes glories). This is the system which will prevail in the end. Marxism is corrupt is many ways, because it ONLY EMPHASISES the rights of the community, to the negligence of the rights of the individual. A party like the democrat party in the US or the Labour party in Australia has the right balance of Socialist-Capitalist policy. Socialism shrinks down to nothing without capitalism - Capitalism ends in 'Babels of Pride' without socialism. When provoking each other in a political system, were both are attempted, a unique balance creates a situation which actually works. The CURRENT (and I only mean current) democrat party of the US is really the correct centrist position for a system to function smoothly. The same for the labour party in the UK and Australia."



Gay Marriage is opposed to the natural order of things designed by God. Animals mate in hetero relationships. Human's have knowledge of God, and have no excuse for justifying such a system of behavioiur so completely contrary to the natural order.



Creation science upholds science. Medical facts also. The ANM (Advancing Noah Movement) upholds factual scientific knowledge and is aware of the fact that promiscuity can spread Venereal Disease. In our natural judgments on sexual behaviour we teach that lawful sexual behaviour must not promote the spreading of venereal disease. Ultimately the only safe form of sexual behaviour is in marriage between a man and a woman, upheld by Genesis 2, as fornication ultimately leads to promiscuity and the spreading of venereal disease. Even safe sex is not that safe and still spreads a degree of VD. The Rainbow Torah (Genesis 1:1 - 11:9) does not promote homosexual behaviour, so the only form of sexual conduct we can ultimately call lawful and reasonable with the knowledge we have is sexual conduct in regular marital relationships. It should be noted that masturbation does not spread venereal disease.



Even if we disagree with the rules they make, letting the politicians make the rules is about the only way we'll have order and civilization. There are too many differences of opinion among our people, and the civic vote for alternating parties is about all we can do as a society to get along well enough.



A self help book we always study and read is a cornerstone in life as it builds consistency and stability the more you read it. There are lots of excellent self help books to choose. Your values and conversation centres when you have the same book as a focus in life and people after they work you out find it easier to accept you and get along with you. Without that consistency life can become terribly random.



 Generally, informal members of the Advancing Noah Movement are just asked to watch the youtube videos and read the Noahide Books website. There is no pastoral tithing really necessary for informal sort of membership. I don't really want any backlash over finances and tithing requirements, so it is only if you really dig the ANM theology and ideas and want to be a full member, with pastoring by myself on you, that tithing comes in - really, only if you are into it and like it. So if that is not what you want, and just want to be informally associated with the ANM, just watch the videos on youtube (which are free to watch, but can be monetized by myself through the advertising on the videos) and read the Noahide books.



 Generally, upon my death, and with the inability for me to delete or alter the extant works of myself in Noahidism, these works become part of the official 'Sons of God' community of the Adamide-Noahide lineage, added to the record of Genesis 1:1 - 11:9 (as well as technically to the end of chapter 11 for the sons of Shem). The status of Genesis 1:1 - 11:9 is accorded as Scripture by many, wereas it is to be regarded by the ANM as historical writings pertaining to the faith, as it is clear that documentary hypothesis ideas have a basis in truth, and documentary ideas are at work in early Genesis, leading to the inability for it to be classified as infallible writ of God's spirit, but rather an historical recording of man's interaction with the divine, regardless of how true that history is if given that is might be quite accurate. Essentially with my Noahide works no longer able to be altered, they settle down into stone, and become official writings of the ANM and of the sons of God community. It shall be noted that this product has been submitted to God in prayer and in online places of submission for God to consider as his word for judgment and education of mankind



 Going from Catholicism to Atheism/Agnosticism didn't make me schizophrenic. Only depressed. I didn't have God much. When I first talked with a Pentecostal girl in her own domain, and bought a bible that day from a Christian book store, the following day I had my first schizophrenic episode. It was 6 months in catholicism, followed by a year in Potters House (Trinitarian) Pentecostal Church, then a year and a half in United Pentecostal Church (Oneness), then 6 months on my own before becoming a Noahide in 1999. In January next year I will be 20 years a Noahide. In the last couple of years symptoms of schizophrenia are diminishing as I have found stability in a faith which is not changing anymore, and thus I have less paranoia and erratic thinking because I have stable and consistent beliefs and viewpoints in how I understand life. When people go through major belief changes, especially in leaving a church of their upbringing, and drifting off into the world and vague uncertain views mental health problems can become rampant, especially with no proper belief system worked out. For mental health you really need stable views which don't change, so you can know truth of issues, and not be confused with paranoid and erratic thinking.



Males should eat broccoli and cauliflower most nights which reduce estrogen, and cut down on sugars and dairy which increase estrogen. Lower the estrogen, and testosterone improves, which solves the weight problem for males.



The ANM does not recognize Trademarks which use a single word from standard dictionaries. They are the rights of the common people and owned by the common people, free to use in their own promotions and usage in all literary and media fields. You can't put a trademark sign up on anything.



The Great Journey. Every citizen is required in their 20s to travel to 5 different cities in China, of their choice, and spend time talking to citizens and doing sketch artwork of the parks and rivers and forests. The resulting works are to be displayed in their homes for a number of years, and they are required to engage in conversations at chit chat cafes with their friends about their experiences and appreciation of the fuller Chinese society. This is to be classified as an official 'Tradition' of Chinese culture, and to be enforced one century in every 1000 centuries of Chinese history. A database of the records of the culture should be displayed on a national website, were citizens can view the works and read the journals of citizens in their appreciation of the Chinese Empire. The Chinese department of culture and tourism handles this responsibility.



In evolutionary theory mankind is about the same 100,000 years ago as he is today. If this were the case we should have records of cultures and civilizations from that time. We don't. We don't because mankind is a recent creation by God, and our earliest extant cultural information on human society is from the middle eastern region of about 5000 years of age. The biblical scenario is a more logical belief when faced with the facts of our historical knowledge as a species.



The idea of a Messiah is barely taught in the Hebrew Bible. There is a king from Jesse (David's Father) who is anointed with the Holy Spirit, but this prophecy was time specific to the post-exillic period, and has long since passed away as relevant. Zerubbabel the governor of Judah fulfilled that prophecy somewhat, but the hype which had built up by the time of Jesus in Israeli society over Messiah was just a messianic fever, blowing way out of proportion a prophecy which was just a king of Israel doing redemptive work for Israel in gathering exiles back from foreign lands. The whole 'Christ' mentailty, still prevalent in Judaism and rampant in Christianity over the person of Jesus, is really a lot of hype and, quite frankly, idolatry. It is making a mountain out of a molehiill.


 I am in the habit of buying books from authors from my own clan, the Daly Clan. We have about 8 books currently from our clan in our bookshelf. I personally recommend to people to buy books from members of their own clan, for clan loyalty and patriotism and to also support and advance your family at large - your extended kinship. The clans traditionally compete somewhat, so support your own family



Religions, especially when formative, are based on rights. What cultural and product rights you have with society have to be earned, and they are suffered to earn them. Without decent pastoral suffering in your congregation to earn things for you congregations to purchase themselves, you will have to do it yourself, and the suffering on earning new things is not pleasant. Karaite Noahide faith has decent rights with youtube, facebook google, tagged, hotmail, myspace, twitter, soundcloud, soundtrap, soundation and writerscafe. These websites have been used extensively by myself, and Karaite Noahides have good rights to engage with them. Also angelfire has been greatly used, and Karaite Noahides can create free websites with angelfire without too many problems.


Life sort of has a flow to it. The idea is that sometimes, when we don't have a lot on our plate, we can get lost in thought about what we are supposed to do. But the spirit within us often picks us up and pushes us on to a new activity. We get a thought, and then all that we were thinking on gets lost as we engage in that new activity. I think we can worry often about what we are supposed to do, and sometimes it's just the thing to do to get on with some gut instinct and do the things life seems to be leading you on to do. We can be led by the Spirit of God, and perhaps we should simply learn to flow on with the activities and ideas of life in our natural instincts, because God is probably working us on with his plan for us each day, and it is about flowing on with what seems to be imposing itself on you at any particular time, especially the leading of other peoples interaction with you, or a comment on TV or the radio, or something you just read in a book or heard on a CD, and get on with doing that idea, especially if you were dawdling and getting perhaps just a bit too philosophical with it all. Lost for an idea – turn your heart and head to God, ask for a prompting, and note the flow and get on with things.